Welcome to the VillageTree Health Resources page. We are dedicated to providing a health support network tailored to individuals with complex medical needs. Our mission is to empower individuals with the tools they need to take control of their health journey.

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Allows individuals to look up the email addresses of (some) executives.

Turquoise Health

Allows individuals to search the cost of procedures at a specific hospital.

Fair Health Consumer

Individuals can lookup the average costs of procedures in your area.


Bill negotiation service to analyze and negotiate your hospital bill for you.

TAFCARES: Assistance Fund

The Assistance Fund is an independent charitable patient assistance organization that helps patients with chronic and serious medical conditions access the medications and treatments they need. They offer financial assistance for medical expenses, including hospital bills.

Consumer Finance

Read this article to learn more about your options regarding medical bills and debt.

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Partners for Prescription Assistance

Partnership for Prescription Assistance offers a single point of access to various patient assistance programs offered by pharmaceutical companies, helping individuals find affordable medications based on their specific circumstances.


RxAssist provides a comprehensive database of patient assistance programs offered by pharmaceutical companies. They help patients find access to free or low-cost medications based on their eligibility criteria.

Three for Freedom

Find access to birth control, emergency contraception, and other reproductive resources in your state.


This screener helps you find medication assistance programs based on your unique demographics. Complete the screener to see which programs you may qualify for.

PAN Foundation

Search assistance funds dedicated to specific illnesses and medications.

Dispensary of Hope

Help in finding pharmacies across the nation that offer free or reduced-cost meds to low-income and chronically ill patients.

Good Days

This organization aids funds for individuals with chronic illness and rare diseases. Their funds can be used to help pay for insurance copays & premiums, travel expenses, and some diagnostic testing.
Contact a Care Navigator: (877) 968-7233


Medication assistance directories out there. You can search for assistance funds, coupon cards, rebate programs, and more. They also offer a helpline to assist you in finding a program for you.

Helpline: (800) 503-6897

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National Coalition of LGBTQ Health

National Coalition for LGBT Health is an organization that focuses on improving the health and wellness of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) individuals, including those from black and brown communities. They advocate for inclusive and culturally competent healthcare services.

National Hispanic Medical Association

The National Hispanic Medical Association is a non-profit organization that represents Hispanic physicians and advocates for the health of Hispanic communities. They provide resources and support to help Hispanic individuals navigate their health.

National Medical Association

National Medical Association is an organization that represents the interests of African American physicians and their patients. They advocate for equitable healthcare and provide resources to support black individuals in navigating their health.

Black Women Health Imperative

The Black Women’s Health Imperative is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the health and wellness of black women. They advocate for policies, conduct research, and provide resources to address health disparities.

Cancer Care

Cancer Care provides cancer patients with a professional oncology social worker that can help patients navigate their healthcare needs.

Patients Rising

Contains a free helpline to help patients find the experts, resources, or services they need. They help patients with issues such as food insecurity, housing instability, loss of work and health insurance, or difficulty finding a safe place to get treatments for chronic diseases.

Medication Access Network

Free service that helps patients navigate the medication access process.


PAF provides free case management and patient advocacy services to anyone who has a serious health condition. PAF’s skilled advocates can help with almost any healthcare need including finding a second opinion, negotiating medical bills, appealing insurance denials, and much more.

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PCOS Diva / PCOS Challenge Confidence Grant

The grants are awarded in amounts up to $500 per individual with PCOS to assist with the costs associated with dermatology treatments, laser hair removal, or electrolysis.

Navigate Health

Get an independent patient advocate who is skilled in negotiating hospital bills, appealing insurance denials, and navigating complex medical billing issues.
This is a paid service.

Resolve Fertility

Search funds and grants dedicated to those seeking fertility treatments.

NeedyMeds- transport

For those struggling to get to medical appointments, NeedyMeds offers a search tool to look up transportation assistance in your area.

Cancer Care

A directory to multiple avenues of financial assistance including government programs, patient assistance programs, charitable organizations, and more.


Search financial assistance funds based on illness and situation.

The Pink Fund

This nonprofit provides breast cancer patients with 90 days of non-medical cost of living expenses such as housing, transportation, utilities, and insurance.


Funds are dedicated to those living with chronic medical conditions. These funds can be used to pay for prescriptions, medical treatment, and insurance premiums.


A hub of education and resources, including financial assistance funds, for those with rare diseases.

Find Help

This website allows you to search your area for help with any social need you may have including food pantries, low-cost housing, dental & health care, tuition assistance, and more.

HealthWell Foundation

This nonprofit provides assistance funds to individuals whose health insurance is not enough to cover their health expenses. They help with expenses such as travel costs, pediatric treatments, behavioral treatments, as well as health insurance copays, deductibles, and premiums.

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Open Path Collective

Open Path Collective is a non-profit network of mental health professionals who offer low-cost therapy options. They have a search tool to find therapists who provide services on a sliding fee scale, making therapy more affordable.

National Queer and Trans Therapist

The National Queer and Trans Therapists of Color Network is a directory of therapists who are dedicated to supporting queer and trans people of color. They also provide educational resources and community support.

Asian Mental Health Collective

The Asian Mental Health Collective is dedicated to promoting mental health support and resources for the Asian community. They offer a therapist directory, educational content, and community events.

Latinx Therapy

Latinx Therapy offers a directory of culturally responsive therapists who specialize in working with the Latinx community. They also provide resources and information on mental health topics.

Therapy for Black Girls

Therapy for Black Girls offers an online directory of therapists who specialize in serving black women and girls. They also provide resources, articles, and a supportive online community.

Cancer Care

Access to Support groups for cancer patients and their loved ones.

Crisis Text Line

Free, 24/7 mental health text support and crisis line.

Inclusive Therapists

Contains a directory of therapists and other mental health professionals who are committed to inclusiveness. Identity-affirming and culturally competent care for people of all abilities.

NeedyMeds- Clinics

Search for free to low-cost mental health clinics in your city and State.

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Health Consumer Alliance

The Health Consumer Alliance (HCA) is a partnership of legal aid organizations that offer free legal assistance to individuals with healthcare-related legal issues.

Legal Services Corporations

Legal aid organizations provide free legal services to low-income individuals and families.

Law Help

Can help you find free and pro bono bono legal services in your state.

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Enroll America

Enroll America is a non-profit organization that provides resources and support for individuals seeking health insurance coverage. Their website offers information on insurance options and provides tools to assist with enrollment, including a searchable database of local enrollment assistance resources.

Aries- Life Insurance

Free, custom life insurance quotes that fit your unique situation and budget with the aid of an assigned advisor.

NAHU- Health Insurance

The NAHU directory can help you find an agent who can walk you through all your health insurance options.

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Spoonie Directory

My Spoonie Sisters Resource Directory is a comprehensive collection of professionals, products, and services specifically curated to support individuals living with chronic illness