National Coalition of LGBTQ Health

National Coalition for LGBT Health is an organization that focuses on improving the health and wellness of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) individuals, including those from black and brown communities. They advocate for inclusive and culturally competent healthcare services.

National Hispanic Medical Association

The National Hispanic Medical Association is a non-profit organization that represents Hispanic physicians and advocates for the health of Hispanic communities. They provide resources and support to help Hispanic individuals navigate their health.

National Medical Association

National Medical Association is an organization that represents the interests of African American physicians and their patients. They advocate for equitable healthcare and provide resources to support black individuals in navigating their health.

Black Women Health Imperative

The Black Women’s Health Imperative is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the health and wellness of black women. They advocate for policies, conduct research, and provide resources to address health disparities.

Cancer Care

Cancer Care provides cancer patients with a professional oncology social worker that can help patients navigate their healthcare needs.

Patients Rising

Contains a free helpline to help patients find the experts, resources, or services they need. They help patients with issues such as food insecurity, housing instability, loss of work and health insurance, or difficulty finding a safe place to get treatments for chronic diseases.

Medication Access Network

Free service that helps patients navigate the medication access process.


PAF provides free case management and patient advocacy services to anyone who has a serious health condition. PAF’s skilled advocates can help with almost any healthcare need including finding a second opinion, negotiating medical bills, appealing insurance denials, and much more.