Partners for Prescription Assistance

Partnership for Prescription Assistance offers a single point of access to various patient assistance programs offered by pharmaceutical companies, helping individuals find affordable medications based on their specific circumstances.


RxAssist provides a comprehensive database of patient assistance programs offered by pharmaceutical companies. They help patients find access to free or low-cost medications based on their eligibility criteria.

Three for Freedom

Find access to birth control, emergency contraception, and other reproductive resources in your state.


This screener helps you find medication assistance programs based on your unique demographics. Complete the screener to see which programs you may qualify for.

PAN Foundation

Search assistance funds dedicated to specific illnesses and medications.

Dispensary of Hope

Help in finding pharmacies across the nation that offer free or reduced-cost meds to low-income and chronically ill patients.

Good Days

This organization aids funds for individuals with chronic illness and rare diseases. Their funds can be used to help pay for insurance copays & premiums, travel expenses, and some diagnostic testing.
Contact a Care Navigator: (877) 968-7233


Medication assistance directories out there. You can search for assistance funds, coupon cards, rebate programs, and more. They also offer a helpline to assist you in finding a program for you.

Helpline: (800) 503-6897